sazanami / Rippling

2015.05.31 - 6.14

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『Rippling/さざなみ』というテーマは、彼らがユニットとして作品を制作するのにおいて、一貫したものであり、自然の中の一つの現象にフォーカス し、インスタレーションという形でアウトプットしたものである。木々の生い茂る森の中で、自然界には存在しない白色を使う事で、一種の抽象化された精神世 界を布、糸、紐、竹などのマテリアルを編む、繋ぐ、結ぶ、縫うなどして構築していく。完成した作品はその界隈を浄化する装置として稼働しだす。


to nourish in an effortless natural flow like on a calm sea
where one wave replaces another mild and soft

The rainy season is coming soon and a new “oasis” is about to be born in Otsuka, Tokyo.
A collaboration between Asta, an artist and also a fashion designer from Iceland and Takuya Komaba, a Japanese artist has been realized. They first met in the forest of Abiko. The swaying of the trees, the sunlight filtered through the trees, whispering of the wind ―the place full of the breath of the living seemed like being in the quiet ocean. Japan is very far from Iceland, still being an island nation, they have much in common. Above all the two artists are strongly bonded togerher in the animistic nature worship. The theme of the coming exhibition “Rippling/sazanami” is consistent through their collaboration;to focus on a natural phenomenon and output it in an installation. In the deep forest, they try to construct a kind of an abstract spiritual world. In the process, they weave, spin, tie and sew such materials as cloth, thread, string and bamboo. The work completed is a device for
purifying the neighborhood .
This time they’ve chosen ano ano galerie for the first indoor space for expression. By the way, the works of Takuya Komaba are exhibited here lastingly. The name of the gallery “ano ano” means “a seed” in Hawaiian and the beginning and the ending of a seed is symbolized into the gallery space using Japanese cedar and plywood. The

device the two artists create in this site-specific space must be a new oasis in the sordid and impersonal desert of Tokyo.
We are happy if the coming exhibition can give peace of mind to those who visit here.

text by ano ano galerie